Tube Surfer

Engine: Unity Language: JavascriptPlatform: iOS, Android

So you think you can tube?

Commuting in London? 
Holidaying in London? 
Weekending in London?

Tube Surfer is a game designed to be played solely on the London Underground.

While on the London Underground you must keep the surfboard in the centre of the screen by tilting your device. This is easier said then done as the tube will rock you around. The closer to the middle you keep the surfboard, the more points you earn.

Just set your current station and which is next on your route then away you go! 

High scores are saved so you can challenge yourself or play against friends sharing the same journey.

Earn coins in game to unlock awesome new surfboards.

Every route on the London Underground is included in this game, all 11 Tube Lines! That's over 200 possible journeys to play on!

Simple to play, but hard to master!

Suitable for all ages.