Stuck on You - Charades with a twist!

Engine: Xcode   Language: Swift 3   Platform: iOS

Stuck on You is a hilarious charades game with a twist! 

Two players must work together (or against each other) by acting out silent clues to get their team to guess what is displayed on the screen. The twist? Players must hold a button down on their portion of the screen at all times! Let go of the button and you lose a point! 

It is sure to put your friends in a hilarious tangle! 



- No ads!

- Two game modes to choose from!
o Co-op: Work with a friend to see how many correct cards you can get your team to guess within the time limit.
o Versus: Split into two teams and see who can get more points within the time limit!

- Hundreds of FREE cards to play through in a variety of themed packs including:
o At the Movies
o On The Box
o Famous Faces
o Off The Shelf
o Bit and Bobs

- Purchase additional packs to expand your card collection:
o Best of The UK
o For Kids
o Animal Kingdom
o Pixel Perfect
o Naughty Naughty (Adults Only)
o And more to come!