Eurovision Party Scoreboard

Engine: Xcode   Language: Swift 3   Platform: iOS

Europe, start voting!

Rate your best and worst Eurovision acts with Eurovision Party Scoreboard Pro!

Eurovision Party Scoreboard Pro is a real time scoreboard that allows up to 5 players in the same room to rate the participants of Eurovision. 

Each person can rate every act from 0-10 as they perform. All of the individual scores are combined to give each country a total score from your group of friends and family. As countries are added to the scoreboard, you will get a clear picture of which countries have earned your family's/friends' 12, 10, and 8 points!

After the competition has finished share your results with the world via Twitter and Facebook!

- Supports up to 5 players!
- Compatible with both semi finals and the grand final! 
- Real time scoreboard that updates with your family's/friends' votes!
- No ads!